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“My Little Ray of Sunshine: A Pregnancy Journey by Ruthie Rei is the story of a mother’s firsts. This book covers the events from when a mother first finds out she is pregnant to after the child is born and growing up. Rei has written about love and bonding. As she talks about her firsts, she adds a line showing the passion connected with each event. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time seals that into your heart. The first time you hold your baby or hear it cry will be remembered for the rest of your life. Each event forms another attachment that solidly binds the mother and her child. Mom will always be there to hold your hand. She knows this from the very first time the baby’s small hand squeezes her finger. This book of sweet memories will help you and your child bond throughout your lives together.

Ruthie Rei uses the couplet technique wonderfully in My Little Ray of Sunshine. It is a joy to read to your child from an early age and can be reread by them anytime they need reconfirmation of their mom’s love and support. Each couplet speaks of unconditional and undying love, describing events and how these will forever live in their heart; a binding condition called love. As children learn these important steps, they will find confidence and encouragement in the love and support they represent. My Little Ray of Sunshine will stay in your hearts forever, even when your child is grown. They will still refer to the book when they need to boost their feelings of love and acceptance.”

Philip Van Heusen, Reader’s Favorite

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