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About the Author

Author Ruthie Rei was originally known as Ms. Ruthie before becoming the author and founder of Soulie Rei™ publishing company. During her nearly 10-year stretch as a preschool teacher, Ms. Ruthie observed which books her students were drawn to the most and why. She eventually realized that the books that related to her students' lives were the ones they wanted to read!

As a super involved but super broke teacher, she was on a mission to find books that correlated with her students' lives. She spent countless hours at libraries, bookstores, and farmer's markets, often leaving empty-handed. Eventually, she took matters into her own hands and started making up stories for her students based on their interests and life experiences, whether it was someone's first day of preschool or someone's parents had just gone through a divorce.

Ultimately, she realized her circle time stories captured her students' hearts. With this in mind, Ms. Ruthie took inspiration from all the children she ever had the pleasure of teaching and set out to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a children's book author, thus becoming Ruthie Rei.

With the goal of helping children understand their world through books, Soulie Rei™ publishing company was established in 2020. Her debut book, "My Little Ray of Sunshine," inspired by her own little ray of sunshine, is a book that moms can bond over with their newborns and can also be used to strengthen their bond with their older children as they transition into their "big brother/big sister" roles.

Meanwhile, Ruthie Rei is working on creating more books with the same goal in mind. However, when she isn't writing or publishing books, she's exploring the world with her super wild and super joyful toddler and life partner. Whether it's taking a walk with her family or having a picnic at a San Diego beach, she's happiest doing the simple things in life with her favorite people.

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