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About the Author

Author, Ruthie Rei, was first known as Ms. Ruthie before ever becoming author and founder of Soulie Rei™. Having worked as a preschool teacher for nearly 10 years, Ms. Ruthie, observed which books children took a liking to the most, and made up stories for her students depending on what they were interested in. Ultimately, she realized her made-up stories captured her student’s hearts. The most beloved stories by her students were those that directly related to them. With this in mind, Ms. Ruthie took her inspiration from all the children she ever had the pleasure of teaching, and set out to achieve her life long dream of becoming a children’s book author; thus, becoming Ruthie Rei. 


With the goal of helping children gain the confidence needed to tackle new and difficult situations in their lives through books, Soulie Rei™ publishing company was formed. Her debut book, “My Little Ray of Sunshine,” who’s inspiration was derived from her very own little ray of sunshine, is a book that parent’s and caregivers could read to their little ones to express just how special they are!


Meanwhile, Ruthie Rei is working on creating more books with this same goal in mind. However, when she isn’t writing or publishing books she is exploring the world with her newborn, and life partner. Whether it’s going for a walk with her family or picnicking at a San Diego beach, she’s most happy doing the simple things in life with her favorite people.  

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